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Siri Schumann

Siri Schumann

Siri Schumann heads the successful company Two:D Limited which she launched in 2004 combining the passion that has taken her career into every facet of architectural interior design with 20 years experience in creating beautiful interiors, whether it be a bijou apartment, listed building, property development, residential, commercial, period or contemporary project.

The company’s success is through Siri’s natural aptitude as a visionary designer in complementing the dreams and aspirations of her clients with her own unique style and individuality. With professional and personal skills Siri develops and maintains a bonded trust with her clients by listening and adapting to their vision; collaborating with them at every stage of the project cycle until their dream becomes a reality. Also having built a strong working relationship with architects, consultants, contractors, craftsmen and artists evokes a smooth running of the project.

Siri’s passion for literature, philosophy, art, music and fashion influences and encapsulates her body of work in a distinctive yet subtle palette. Siri also brings an exquisite charm, elegance, sophistication, glamour and individuality to all her projects.

Siri Schumann, the South African-born, German-Norwegian interior architect and stylist, shows empathy to her surroundings and sees potential in all spaces and with her trusted creative team of specialist craftsmen and women whom share her passion for design, intricate attention to detail and enthusiasm, as one, they deliver the client’s vision.

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Our Philosophy

In combining exquisite homes, exclusive locations and creativity we are setting new standards in design. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a service that is tailored, experienced and thorough; quality and attention to detail define who we are.

Our unique strength lies in our ability to transpose an international lifestyle and taste into residential and commercial interiors that are personal and unique, with atmosphere, style and class.



With experience in refurbishing classical, heritage and contemporary properties, we are able to deliver modern and traditional solutions that are sympathetic to their environment and our client’s needs, aspirations and lifestyle.


From investment properties through to hotels, private members bars, restaurants and retail spaces our team of designers deliver bespoke solutions that are designed with both functional and aesthetic requirements in mind.

Bespoke Projects

From private yachts, beach huts and tree houses we are always interested in unusual and unique projects that challenge us and our clients.

Craftsmanship & finishing

Working closely with our clients and architects on our commissions, we influence the interior architecture and design of all our ventures. In addition we provide a full team of construction and project managers to steer the projects successfully from planning and cost management through to completion.

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